Ch. Kilt's Brig A Doon MacDuff
Multiple Breed wins and Group placements. Brig earned a place in the top rankings during his career as a Special.
We purchased our first Westie as a pet in 1972
and fell in love with the breed. We feel purebred dogs
are the only way to know the true meaning of each breed.
Several years later Kathy attended some dog shows and became
interested in competing in conformation. Our first champion finished in
1988. Since then we have produced more than a dozen champions to date.
We keep only a few dogs at a time and feel the individual attention
they get not only from us, but also the grandchildren make them very
happy and social specimens. Kathy is the most active with the dogs. She worked as assistant with handler, Debbie Herrell for several years. She has held office in the West Highland White Terrier Club of Southeastern Michigan, and has also been a member of the West Highland White Terrier Club of America since 1987. She also was founder and chair of the Westie Rescue program for the Michigan club for eight years.
Kathy admiring one of her puppies.